Total Health and Wellness Awaits you

Are you ready to make a change and get aligned with your Best self

An unforgettable and transformational weekend presented in partnership by

Authentic Relationships Int.
Bodies of Empowerment

Health and Wellness is a journey of discovering your True self.  A healthy person is one who invests in their:

Physical Health

Relational Health

Spiritual Health

Emotional Health

Intellectual Health

Sexual Health

Authentic Relationships International (ARI) and Bodies of Empowerment have teamed up to provide a life-changing, unforgettable experience that is NOT just a weekend to remember.  It is the beginning of the rest of your life!

Discover your true self

Your Health and Wellness begins here

Health and wellness

Potter's Ranch Kentucky

Peace.  Beauty.  Natural tranquility.

That is the setting where your health and wellness retreat experience begins.  Our retreat and it’s location will purposefully get you away from your life so that you can rediscover it.  

People often work hard at achieving physical or emotional goals.  Yet many times they find they get stuck and fall back into old patterns of thought and habits.


Because we often do not address the WHOLE self.

Seeing HOPE restored and SMILES return

Health and wellness

This is a place to work on the whole you

You cannot heal and change without working on your whole being.  Your physical, relational, emotional and spiritual parts of your being are inexorably tied together.  

Our retreats bring the insights and understanding from the very BEST of two organizations .  

Discover and Nurture your True Self

A weekend that will fulfill you

Our activities are designed for fun. Some are thrilling and may even challenge you in ways you’ve not experienced before.  Your weekend can include simple activities like leisurely walks, canoeing, reflection and journaling – to things that will excite you.  

Can you imagine overcoming some of your anxieties or fears while racing down the Zipline or taking a Self-defense class?  The fun and excitement will last for a weekend, but the sense of accomplishment will stay with you when you leave.

Self-reflection and Discovery

Health and wellness
Health and wellness
Health and wellness

Achieve your Biggest Breakthroughs

The combined expertise of Gene and Nate McConnell will bring you to a whole NEW level of understanding your true self.  You will experience growth and self-discovery during small and large group teachings woven through the entire weekend.

You will gain new insights into what are the roots and sources of some of the biggest challenges you face in your relationships.  

If you have lost a sense of dignity – regain it!

Discover your true purpose in this life

Overcome fear and shame

Learn to nurture YOURSELF that lasts a lifetime

Comfortable Wilderness Setting

Experience an oasis of escape at beautiful Potter's Ranch in Kentucky

Retreat Dates

Our next retreat is taking place

May 2nd – May 7th, 2022

This 5 day experience is $975 and includes meals, accommodations and activities.  Some activities have additional fees.  

Scholarships may be available.

Registration is OPEN!

Do you have questions?  We would love to talk with you.  Please CONTACT us or call for more information.

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